Holy Rosary Java Application

=====>Download Holy Rosary Java Application<=====

Date: Aug-15-2009
USA Copy Right Registration Number/Date: TXu001648899 / 2009-08-17
Author: Bhavani P Polimetla
License: GNU GPL

Purpose: This software helps to pray rosary on computer. Many times we miss our rosary with us. This software helps to pray rosary on computer. Easy to distribute and share with family and friends.

This is standalone application (software). Internet connection is not required.

1. Works on any Java supported operating system.
2. Option to choose rosary from three traditional rosaries.
3. Finger Rosary is available.
4. Easy to identify on which bead we are.
5. When minimized, application sits in system tray, if supported by operating system.
6. Supports different fonts installed in operating system.
7. Supports multiple languages.
8. Supports Unicode based prayers.
9. Supports four types of look and feel.
10. Option to increase / decrease font size.
11. Option to move between with prayers and without prayers.
12. Option to choose different mysteries.
13. Easy to add new rosary images if required.
14. Easy to add new languages if required.

This program is easily extensible and users can add new rosary images and prayers in different languages. (Java Programming Language Skills required.)

How to run? Download the HolyRosary.jar file and save it to local computer. Double click the file. It should start working. If it is not working, you need Java Run time Environment 1.6_10.

Software Required: Java Runtime Environment 1.6_10+
You can install it from

Copyright 2009. Excluding prayers.


First Screen with Prayers

Finger Rosary

First Screen

Green Beads

Red Beads

Red Beads with Telugu Prayers


System Tray Settings

One Response to Software

  1. Thank you for doing this. Although I honestly don’t use it, I found it immensely encouraging to stumble across this application on SourceForge.

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