Our Lady Of Health, Mother Vailankanni

I visited this place few times.
Very nice and my heart felt happy.

Mother Mary appeared to three people in three different times.
More information you can find in below links.

Shrine Basilica
Vailankanni 611 111
Nagapattinam District
Tamilnadu, INDIA


12 Responses to Our Lady Of Health, Mother Vailankanni

  1. Very Lovely place to Pray!! I like more to stay there!

  2. ancyantony says:

    Love You So much My Dear Mother:)))

  3. Lovita Joseph says:

    I feel blessed to visit our lady of vailankanni in india . I would love to go back and visit my mother…

  4. Jackline Francis says:

    Love you So much mother mary.


    I love mother mary, she is very good, she won’t see the partiality(rich & poor), she will give everything whatever we want , please don’t forget to pray everyday rosary . I love my “HOLY QUEEN MOTHER MARY”

  6. Francis & Dora says:

    I have full faith in our Lady of Vailankanni, I pray every night and I always wear my ring with her picture. I pray and I’m blessed with everything I ask her. she is also our lady of health. I do visit her whenever I can.

  7. David Yue says:

    I had always wanted visit “Our Lady Of Vailankanni” but never got the opportunity to do so for many years.However now I made up my mind and plan to visit there around january or february 2014 along with my family which include my wife and my two kids aged 9 and 6 and myself.Can someone guide me the best way to go there from Calcutta city in West Bengal and where to stay while in Vailankanni.

  8. Mada velankani is allowed with those who are in need, you don’t need to ask what you want or need she is already red you mind from before so just pray, for thanks giving, never ask anything, you will get those things on the prefer time. Amen!!

  9. Barbara Mulholland says:

    i am begging for the lord to restore my brother in law ti good health he has ALS And he is paroluzed it is devastating know the suffering he is enduring His Famuly Needs Him So Bad He Has Two Sons One Son Who asuffers From drug addiction and a second son who lost a little boy when he was six montths old if it is gods will we be him and we ask for your prayers thank u

  10. wayne says:

    I love you our lady of Vailankanni. Out Lady always listens to my prayer and blesses me and my family with every thing that I ask for.

    Wayne Taboda

  11. rui rodrigues says:

    I have full faith in our lady of vailkanni and we allways pray with our full faith.we wish we can come every year

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