Rosary Template

Holy Rosary:

Sign of the Cross:

Apostles Creed:

Our Father:

Hail Mary:

Glory Be:

The Fatima Prayer:

Hail Holy Queen:

Final Prayer:


Joyful 1:
Joyful 2:
Joyful 3:
Joyful 4:
Joyful 5:

Luminous 1:
Luminous 2:
Luminous 3:
Luminous 4:
Luminous 5:

Sorrowful 1:
Sorrowful 2:
Sorrowful 3:
Sorrowful 4:
Sorrowful 5:

Glorious 1:
Glorious 2:
Glorious 3:
Glorious 4:
Glorious 5:

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4 Responses to Rosary Template

  1. Mozziz says:

    Could You Please Send me the Full Rosary in Gujarati
    God B
    Bless You and Jesus Loves you

  2. G.Amala. says:

    I like it.

  3. G.Amala. says:

    I like it tis opp.God bless u.I love jesus & HHoly fmly.thank u J M J.

  4. Sophia Dcosta says:

    Sir/ Madam,
    could you please send me the Full Rosary in Marathi Language.

    Thank u God Bless u
    Sophia Francis D’costa

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