Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please contribute Holy Rosary Prayers in your language.

Importance of Unicode
1. It is independent of operating systems and fonts.
2. It is numeric value to each representation of character or combination of characters.
3. It is not going to change in near future.
4. More standard way to store and retrieve content in respective language
5. Searchable by search engines
6. Recognized by all top browsers

How to type?
1. Use this template to compose prayers. Keep English headings for my reference.
2. Use Google Mail (change settings to your local language) or Any Unicode editor.

After completion of typing
1. Take a printout and review once
2. Show to priest to verify content integrity, translation and others
3. Use the following form for further communication with me.

What I can do with Unicode Prayers?
1. I will publish on this site. (Easy accessible to all around the world. Searchable by Google and other search engines. We can use as online prayers.)
2. I will provide credits to respective team who worked behind this.
3. I will prepare printable PDF. (Good for personal and group use.)
4. I will provide Holy Rosary Software in your language. (Easy to learn, pray and concentrate while praying)

Thank you for your time and interest.

With prayers,
Bhavani P Polimetla
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